Tracing our publication to its first inception, we began with the primary intention of exploring ‘the body’ as a concept constantly being redefined and re-framed through different contexts and perspectives. With the body positioned at the point of intersection between various conversations, it is the mission of this publication to deliver insight devoted to the appreciation of the self and form.

First and foremost, our publication seeks to celebrate people – the skill, ideas and craft that have contributed to our contemporary conversation about ‘the body’. From Michelin-starred chefs to psychotherapists, we explore the ideas and perspectives that shape a holistic appreciation and understanding of ‘the body’. It is not a rigid concept, but an organic and thriving entity constantly responding to and being shaped by its environment.

In our first issue, ‘the body’ is considered against one of the most dynamic environments – the city. The great magnetism of the urban environment has exerted one of the most profound influences on our individual rhythms and behaviours. The way we move, eat, feel and think is continuously adapting in response to the effects of modernity and globalisation. Locating our issue within this context, we look at the various threads of conversations that weave themselves into a broader, informative contemplation of the body in the city.

As the first instalment to our digital publication, the creation of this issue has been made possible by the generous contributions and tireless efforts of many. For this, we would like to thank the contributors and those involved in making this happen.