Jules Miller, Founder

It’s not what you eat that is important but what you digest

What make an effective supplement, and why is it important we ‘take our vitamins’? For most of us, our understanding of vitamins and dietary supplements begins with the general mindset that our diet requires nutritional supplementation for increased health and wellbeing. Whether in the form of powder or capsule, most supplements are marketed to serve as a complement to our diet and enhance our body’s general performance. Taken in large doses or not at all, there is a general lack of clarity in the supplement industry that often leads to a misunderstanding of how supplements should be incorporated within our diet.

As the granddaughter of the chemist who helped develop the B12 vitamin, Jules Miller launched The Nue Co with the view to redefine the supplement market. In conversation with the founder,  we discuss the importance of diet and how both food and supplements work in tandem to enhance our body’s performance and health.




The best way to consume vitamins and nutrients is through food. That is the way our bodies were designed to survive.

I’m a big believer that beauty starts from within. The gut is the second brain and is in tune with almost every element of our wellbeing. For this reason, supplements should be easily digestible for better nutritional assimilation. We only work with natural, whole, organic foods and with the idea that the body will recognise and digest each nutrient more efficiently.



Supplements should strive for simplicity in both formulas and messaging, and this is really important to us. The two main problems with the supplement market are the confusing, untrustworthy products and the uninspiring brands. Supplements can contain preservatives, sugar, wheat, gluten and chemicals. The active ingredients themselves can be derived from obscure ingredients which are really hard on the digestive system. Using naturally food-based formulations that are familiar to your body, we work with a maximum of six ingredients per blend, with one benefit-led product descriptor. With more consumers turning towards ingestibles as part of their beauty regime, we offer completely natural, science-backed supplements made purely from organic foods.

The Rebuild Collection


  1. 1

    Whey protein-  from organic milk made by grass-fed, hormone free cows. It contains all 9 essential amino acids and is quickly absorbed by the body, making it perfect for when a quick recovery is needed.

  2. 2

    Inulin – a prebiotic fibre derived from chicory fibre which aids in digestion, stabilizes blood sugar levels and feeds the bacteria in your gut.

  3. 3

    Anti-inflammatory, debloating plant foods including; maqui fruit powder, cinnamon powder, ginger root powder, turmeric root powder.

  4. 4

    Maca powder , goji berry powder, beetroot powder- increases energy levels while helping to balance hormones. Offering bioavailable calcium and magnesium, this blend delivers a B vitamin boost.

Jules Miller, Founder

I swear by food-based gut foods. Things like kombucha, kefir and sauerkraut. We use a soil-based probiotic across our protein range, and the prebiotic inulin which is derived from chicory. This stabilises blood sugar levels and aids in digestion.

I’d been unknowingly abusing my gut for years.

Antibiotics, sugar, gluten and processed food were to blame. The result was crippling IBS for about 5 years. This manifested in bloating, fatigue, low immunity and digestive issues. Now that my diet has vastly improved, I have to keep an eye on my stress levels. Stress can also seriously impact your gut health.


Jules Miller, Founder

Once you get a grasp of your diet, supplements become far easier to understand.

It is always important to turn to food first. It’s how we were designed to fuel and nourish.

Looking at our first protein collection, REBUILD, we suggest that people eat one good source of protein with every meal. If you can’t, our supplements are the next best thing. 1 serving of our protein supplements contains the same amount of protein as 2 eggs, with added probiotics and probiotics. We try to communicate in what we call ‘human terms’ rather than complicated, scientific led language. 2 eggs is what the majority of us would have at breakfast and means far more to us than 15g of protein.’





I wanted to develop a brand unlike any other supplement brand. A brand that could stand for being sustainable and luxurious. Taking a creative approach was the only option. We work with the branding agency Made Thought, who are also the brains behind Tom Dixon.

A few years back I took a trip to Copenhagen, as I strolled through the streets walking past concept stores like Wood Wood, I wondered why not one single supplement brand was stocked on the shelves. Why was it that we could consume fashion, beauty, homeware but wellness was excluded? The packaging design is inspired by ‘moving poems’ where the layout of the copy is representative of the meaning of the words, in our case – the benefit of each product. I believe the experience of a product is just as important as its contents.




Focused on the Danish principles of simplicity and creativity, Jules Miller started The Nue Co. to reduce the confusion of the vitamins industry. Bridging the gap between science and natural innovation, it’s committed to creating responsibly sourced supplements using organic foods.

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