Brice Partouche, Founder of Running Label, Satisfy

I love the idea of being “possessed” by something. 

‘Wherever the crowd goes run in the other direction.’

– Charles Bukowski


Cutting his teeth with indie jeans brand April77 back in 2001, Creative Director and Founder Brice Partouche has a track record for creating classics. Where the big names of fitness have monopolised the industry of fitness, Parisian Label ‘Satisfy’ has chosen to march (or run) to its own beat. Since its founder Brice Partouche launched the label, it has grown a cult following among the running community. With its marrying of elegant, technical fabrics and nod to subcultural punk and skate references, Satisfy is the runner’s ‘inside track’ into contemporary sports apparel. As a preview to their latest collection, Brice Partouche shares his personal thoughts on running and the spirit of the sport that has captivated his imagination over the years.

Man in windbreaker and hat

Brice Partouche

I started running about five years ago in an effort to get out of my comfort zone. I grew up skateboarding and drumming, so I found the physical repetition instantly familiar and therapeutic. I became addicted and was running 200 kilometres per month.

Legs of sprinting man

Brice Partouche

 I love the sense of freedom and solitude I feel when I run. I find it massively beneficial to the creative process. Real runners know about The High – that elusive moment that the body continues to move in repetition while the mind is freed. It’s a kind of meditation; a reprieve from earthly existence that allows for intense reflection and creative thought.

Man in sweatshirt and shorts

Running has become synonymous with fitness for the masses or performance for the elite. But nobody talks about the meditative aspects of the sport. The immense mental clarity afforded by reaching The High can be beneficial in all parts of a person’s life – relationships, career, everything.

When you have that moment of reflection on a weekly or even daily basis you become a different person. This is the best kept secret of running – the best benefits are far from physical.

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Brice Partouche

The Satisfy runner is somebody who seeks The High, and the improvement that follows, in all aspects of their life. He or she approaches running with mindfulness rather than a “just do it” attitude.

Back in the 70’s running on the street was a rebellious act, like skateboarding or punk music. The fashion and culture around the sport from that time period shows this. Today running is sold as a quick-fitness fix to the masses, and a lot of that original vibe has been lost. Satisfy engages with the rebel spirit at the core of running.

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Brice Partouche

I love long distance running when I travel, it’s the best way to discover a new city. There’s something distinctly beautiful about mornings in a city – usually so crowded with people, that hour of light when the streets are still empty and you have the whole place to yourself.

Man running on street

Man wearing activewear

Runners are never just runners and that’s what our brand is about. We work with people from every creative industry – musicians, chefs, photographers – in the end we all connect over the same basic belief that running is fucking cool.


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Designed to celebrate the revelry of running, Satisfy grew from an obsession with running and a desire to reinvent trend-forward activewear. Committed to creating the best products on the market, all their collections are designed and prototyped by hand start to finish in Paris and field tested by their team.