The Skate Gym

Raphael Doub

It is best never to repeat the same movements. If the body is bored it is no longer progressing

Celebrity Trainer Raphael Doub’s Skate Gym adapts skateboarding movement to engage the body’s whole range of motion. Developed in collaboration with the founder of French Luxury Retailer Colette, this method utilises the instability of the penny board, to build overall strength, tone and stamina.


Drawing on his experience as top-level pole vaulter, and inspired by the controlled lateral movements of skateboarding Raphael’s Skate Gym method is an effective and accessible alternative to more conventional styles of fitness. Likening the Skate Gym method to learning an instrument, he reminds us that our workouts should follow a rhythm. Every exercise should challenge the body, but not in surpass our body’s threshold for pain. When working with a combination of motion and sequencing, the muscles are challenged to adapt and find balance.



Former pole vault champion, diver and pianist, celebrity trainer Raphael Doub counts amongst his clientele, actress Léa Seydoux, Joséphine de la Baume, and Colette’s Sarah Andelman. The Parisian trainer is  known for his creative approach to training and exercising. Currently based in Paris, he continues to develop his unique style and philosophy of sculpting the body beautiful. To read more about his work, visit his site.