Known for creating the light reflective glow on the models that float down the Victoria Secret’s runway, Rose-Marie has earned herself a place in the fashion world as the guru of radiant skin. Her eponymous brand was born from a personal desire to create clean, organic cosmetics that promotes long-term beauty and doesn’t sacrifice on the quality of luxury makeup. Working as a make-up artist for over 35 years, she has worked with the famous faces of Gisele Bündchen, Miranda Kerr, Tilda Swinton, Demi Moore, Paloma Picasso, Isabel Rossalini, Milla Jovovich and Cindy Sherman.

Recalling her punk days, Rose-Marie muses on her trajectory from opening for the Ramones in ‘tonnes of Elnett and white make-up’ to becoming a cult figure in the fashion industry. A part-time gig doing show make-up for the dancers in Vancouver’s burlesque clubs landed her first magazine cover, opening the door to jobs all around Europe. She laughs, exclaiming ‘Fake it till you make it!’ I ask her if she still feels the same and she replies, ‘not really but I’m still going out there and doing my thing with organics and using my intuition.

Rose-Marie Swift, Founder

For me beauty is someone who is really confident in how they carry themselves, makeup not covering them up, working with what they have.

The new Beauty

Launching RMS Beauty after decades working as a makeup artist, Rose-Marie’s non-toxic cosmetics were predicted a limited shelf-life amongst the synthetic giants that ruled the market. Passing a well-known makeup artist in the street in her early days, she was confronted with the rhetorical ‘Who the f**k is gonna wear organic makeup?’ Grown out of one woman’s adamance to keep her beauty products pure, RMS has since made its way into the red-carpet kits of some of the most influential and beautiful women in the world.

As we are becoming more health-conscious about the cosmetics we are feeding our skin, we are seeing a shift in attitudes towards beauty that are much more aligned to Rose-Marie’s way of thinking. Notorious for her purist approach to skincare and nutrition, she lives by the mantras; ‘less is more’ and ‘the skin is the mirror to your gut’. In this article the RMS Beauty’s founder shares her beauty faux pas, skincare tips and the secrets behind that light reflective glow.

Beauty Mistakes


Rose-Marie Swift, Founder

Focus on the health aspect, just put on products that the skin wants.

Although we both agree with the adage, ‘beauty comes from within’, Swift is in the business of the beauty of creating first impressions, on the runway and in print. When I ask her what she deems as the biggest faux pas, she draws out the first few syllables as she launches into her pet hates, ‘well…the more makeup you pile on the older your skin looks, it’s common sense I don’t know why people don’t get that.’ On a more serious note she adds, ‘the biggest mistake we are making is thinking that all cosmetics are safe for you- they are not.’

In the decades leading up to the founding of RMS, Rose-Marie suffered from years of ill-health and a lack of diagnosis. After visiting a naturopath who, after noticing high-levels of heavy-metals in her blood work, asked the question ‘do you work in the cosmetics industry?’ the penny dropped. She made the link between the toxic makeup and skincare she was working with daily and her poor health, dedicating the rest of her career to uncovering the truths of the American cosmetics industry and waking people up to the world of healthy cosmetics.


LUminous Skin

A guide

Rose-Marie Swift, Founder

I’ve always had my own standard of beauty and I’ve always been obsessed with the skin looking really beautiful.

  1. Good Diet, Good Skin


    Notorious for her raw foodism and regular juice cleansing, Rose-Marie unequivocally condemns beauty products that offer a ‘miracle in a jar’. Nothing you put on topically is going to save your skin if you’re not doing it right from the inside out, everything else is secondary. Following her philosophy that the ‘skin is the mirror to the gut’, she always tells the models that the beginnings of health, radiant skin starts with healing the gut with probiotics. She explains, ‘what you put in your body is making your skin beautiful or a good canvas to start with. So green juicing, a lot of water, good sleep, get rid of the sugar, get rid of the artificial sweeteners, and try to avoid meat as much as you can.’

  2. Healing Cosmetics


    Describing her skincare as ‘alive’ RMS products are formulated using organic oils that haven’t been hydrogenated, fractionated and had the life force taken out of them. Taking the same approach to diet as skincare, Rose-Marie compares her products to eating ‘a raw organic salad’. Filled with antioxidants and naturally-occurring nutrients, RMS makeup works to create a beautiful canvas whilst preserving your skin’s integrity. Speaking about which products to reach for to creating a luminous glow, she explains ‘I love my Beauty Oil because it is really adaptogenic, it balances and heals the skin I tell people to be careful of hyaluronic acid and silicones because there is  a difference between a controlled glow and and all over shine.’


    Top Five

    from: RMS BEAUTY

    Dedicated to transforming the way women use makeup, RMS  products are formulated using raw, food grade ingredients in their natural state, allowing their living, healing attributes to penetrate and rejuvenate the skin.

  3. Less is More

    ‘Shiseido have done some research actually and they are saying that we are doing too much to the skin. The skin produces its own bacteria and we are washing it off. So I am a less is more person when it comes to washing the skin, the only thing I use is my coconut oil. When I was young and started using makeup I used to go into my mom’s kitchen and use some pure olive oil to take my makeup off with, so I am a super purist. We are stripping the skin with all these chemicals and these toners. There are products out there that are natural and good but I don’t use them. This is why my philosophy is so simple, we are doing too much to our skin, way too much’

  4. Skin to Skin Application


    Citing the wisdom of beauty royalty, Pat McGrath, who is famous for applying her lipsticks with her thumb, Rose-Marie explains ‘I love skin to skin application, a lot of big makeup artist use it because it just looks more beautiful. For those who prefer a brush, I have also designed a few synthetic brushes that  mimic skin to skin application. When it comes to coverage, she is adamant that to save our skin we should try to tone it down, limiting the base to ‘the t-zone and maybe a little on the cheeks– just where you need little things touched up’ To keep the skin looking young and dewy, she also recommends a light, translucent powder that doesn’t dull the natural glow of the skin.


Founder of organic colour cosmetics line, RMS Beauty, Rose-Marie is known for her dedication to healthy, non-toxic beauty.  Working with some of the world’s most famous faces, she has been a make-up artist for over 35 years, with her work appearing in ads for Dianne Von Furstenburg, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Thierry Mugler, Victoria’s Secret and more.

Model-  Taii from Premier Model Management, Hair and Makeup- Nina Robinson.