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In order for us to be comfortable, humidity should be between 30- 64%.  Aircraft cabins are very dry places to be for any length of time, humidity levels can drop to 2% and the natural moisture in your skin quickly evaporates. 



Keeping hydrated not only maintains healthy skin function, but is integral to the regulation of body temperature and organ function. Secondary to keeping our internal biology hydrated, it is also important to consider the condition of our skin. To avoid landing with dull, parched skin, it is necessary to adapt your skincare regime and be take care to hydrate properly before you board. We recommend the following tips:



Exfoliate : Travel with fresh skin, gently exfoliating your face with a mild scrub or powder the night before you board the flight. This step will help to promote a healthy complexion and enable the moisturizers and serums you’re applying the day of the flight to penetrate and hydrate skin more effectively. Rather than using abrasive microbead exfoliants, scrubs including bio organic ingredients like rice bran and powders are ideal for sensitive skins. TryRefine & Polish Miracle Balm- Aurelia Skincare, Classic Rice Enzyme Powder – Tatcha



Intensive Hydration : In order to encourage your skin to retain its moisture, choose serums, essences and creams with water-binding ingredients. Natural humectants like glycerin, Aloe Vera and honey attract the moisture to the surface of the skin and deliver nutrients to the deeper layers, encouraging the skin to regulate hydration. We have included a few formulations below that have isolated the natural moisture-retaining properties of plants like cactus, Iceplant and resurrection plants to deliver lasting hydration.

Our Favourite Hydrating Treatments



Cellus Deep Moisture Cream

Jojoba seed oil- powerful moisture & promotes optimal skin function.

DermaFlux – delivers hydration into the skin’s cells

Resurrection plant-  strengthens the skin barrier.



Formula 119 Cream

Sodium Hyaluronate, Matrixyl™, and Shea Butter rejuvenate skin and enhance moisture retention.

Algae, Chamomile and Vitamin E – boost elasticity and smoothness.

Grape Seed, Green Tea and Ginkgo Leaf extracts – protect against environmental stressors.

Susanne Kaufmann

Moisturising Spray Harmonising

Apply liberally to the face, neck and décolletage

Calming witch-hazel  and moisturizing silk proteins.

Ecotine- Natural cell protection helps the skin to repair damage from ultraviolet light


Pressed Serum – Crystal Iceplant

Layer on top of an essence or apply as an overnight mask

Iceplant- natural ‘moisture magnet’

Ultra-lightweight gel-cream- ideal for oil,y, congested skin




Prolonged exposure to recirculated air onboard leads to intense dehydration. This can often manifest itself in the overproduction of sebum which is the skin’s natural response to being dehydrated. Our main goal for in-flight skincare is to seal in moisture, whilst maintaining a healthy PH level in the skin. After discussing in-flight rituals with beauty founder Susanne Kaufmann, we have outlined the most important considerations for your in-flight skincare routine. 

  1. Cleanse

    To reduce the signs of damage it is important to first wash you face before you try to sleep on a long distance flight. Susanne Kaufmann points out,  ‘If you suffer from stress while travelling this can affect your skin even more. Stress produces the hormone cortisol which impacts the skin’s ability to function as a barrier and contributes to redness, blotchiness and breakouts. It’s key to remove makeup and use an anti-blemish serum to fight this.

    As convenient, TSA compliant alternatives to conventional face cleansers, we recommend solid travel face-washes like the Sum:37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick  or RMS  Ultimate Makeup Remover WipesThe cleansing stick cleans, moisturises and exfoliates by delivering solid portions in a single upwards twist. Comprised of fermented Damask Rose extract, this gentle formulation nourishes and moisturises the skin whilst also offering a mild, dry rose exfoliation.

  2. Hydrogel Masks

    Masks are an effective and powerful way of boosting skin hydration in-flight. Hydrogel masks are now a mainstay in beauty parlance. Conveniently translucent and sealed in individual packets, these masks deliver convenient hydration on the go. Drenching the skin in plumping botanical essences, these masks create a moisture barrier and deliver intense hydration to the skin.

    Try : Erno Lanzlo – Sensitive Hydrogel Masks, Whamsia- Organic Flowers Hydrogel Mask 

  3. Face Oils

    Although misting was once a common remedy to revitalizing fatigued skin during long-haul flights, skincare experts have found that they have the opposite effect. The low levels of humidity in an airplane cabin causes moisture to act as a magnet, attracting it to the driest area. Reversing the effects of these formulations in the air, misting  causes the skin’s moisture to evaporate into the cabin’s atmosphere.

    A few drops of face oil or an ampoule every few hours is particularly effective for replenishing the skin with a quick dose of moisture. These are particularly effective during long-haul flights where the skin encounters incredibly drying conditions for a prolonged period of time. Dependent on the texture and tone of your skin, choose a face oil that suits your skin type and targets problematic areas. Take a look at our article The Right Face Oil to find a blend that suits your skin perfectly. We are particularly fond of Tata Harper’s Replenishing Nutrient Complex and Vintner’s Daughter’s Active Botanical Serum.

  4. Multi-purpose Balms

    Throughout the flight we also recommend treating dry areas like the lips, elbows and cuticles with a concentrated balm. Gentle blends made with nut oil combinations and other nutritive blends are particularly effective for delivering quick hydration when travelling. Multi-purpose balms such as the Beauty Fix Balm by The Beauty Chef , or May Lindstrom’s The Blue Cocoon Beauty Balm harness the efficacy of raw, natural ingredients to repair and nourish the skin. These formulations can be used to sooth, heal or hydrate, and are particularly effective in neutralising any skin inflammation or irritation. A perfect travelling companion, these balms are a staple for delivering quick remedial and reparative effects on-the-go.


    Try: Olio E Osso- No.1 Balm In Fiore – Vetivert Baume Pour le Corps balm, Earth Tu Face- Skin Stick 

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