An effective facial ritual works with the skin’s natural healing systems to stimulate circulation and balance the moisture levels in your skin. By incorporating both remedial and restorative techniques, this can serve to increase the efficacy of your skincare routine .

In this article, we outline some beauty routines that both cleanse and revitalise the texture and tone of your skin. Informed by Eastern beauty rituals, we recommend incorporating gentle facial massage techniques to aid circulation and encourage natural repair. Facial massage works in tandem with treatments to heighten product absorption and correct the skin’s overall complexion.

By inviting the concept of ritual and mindfulness into one’s routine, we cultivate a sense of mindfulness and appreciation for the details and processes that ground our daily lives.


Hydration and in particular, water, has been found to play a key-role in affecting the skin’s texture and appearance. Due to seasonal or biological changes, the loss of moisture in the skin can exacerbate the appearance of fine-lines, and affect its ability to protect against external stressors. By introducing more hydration into one’s routine, this can help to replenish and restore the integrity of the skin.

Delivering moisture effectively to the skin is a buildable, multi-step process. To achieve intense hydration, beauty specialists recommend layering each hydrating product according to its density. This ensures hydration penetrates the deeper layers of the skin.  For instance, thinner, more light-weight essences should be applied first, followed by serums, and, finishing with heavier oils or creams.


As part of your daily cleansing practice, specialists recommend using lukewarm water as this helps to calm the skin and reduce over-drying. A facial mist should also be used right after cleansing, whilst the skin is still damp. They can also be layered under moisturisers to enhance overall hydration.


The new wave of Korean beauty trends has given rise to the multi-tasker. Combining the emollient quality of a moisturiser and the potency of a serum, pressed serums present a unique formulation that offers strong moisturising benefits. Working with powerful blends of fermented plant extracts, pressed serums rely on the medicinal effects of floral and herbal ingredients to deliver rich nutrients to the skin. Melting into a lightweight serum on the face, pressed serums can be used to deliver effective concentrations of moisture without compromising the feel and texture of the skin.  They can be used as both day and night treatments.


Face oils are a particularly effective way of restoring moisture to the skin. In particular, high quality, plant-based oils deliver high concentrations of antioxidants and nutrients to the layers in our skin. Dehydrated skin often suffers from a decrease in barrier lipids that in turn leads to water loss. However, due to the lipophilic quality of face oils, they are more easily into the skin’s lipid layer and replenish moisture more effectively. In our article on the topic, we recommend specific oils according to each skin’s unique profile.

Tatcha- Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate, Blithe- Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum , Whamisa – Organic Flowers Olive Leaf Face Mist, De Mamiel- Dewy Facial Mist , Sarah Chapman- Skinesis Overnight Facial, Vintner’s Daughter- Active Botanical Serum


Treating the skin once weekly with masks and exfoliants is an important step to rebalancing and resurfacing its texture. Formulated to target specific imbalances, masks are an effective way of delivering concentrated treatment to the skin. Just as you change your skincare with the seasons, masks should also be rotated to reflect changes in the skin and its needs. 

Arranged into categories targeting specific concerns, we have laid out a selection of our favourite masks and treatments in the guide below.


It is essential to maintain the skin’s metabolism to create a barrier against free-radical damage. Gently massaging antioxidant rich oils into the skin, helps to stimulate circulation and neutralise oxidative damage. Inspired by the meticulous cleansing rituals of Japanese women, skincare experts have perfected a routine that works on this basis.






Massaging antioxidant oil into the skin helps to stimulate lymph flow and working to strengthen the elastic fibers in connective tissue. Including this ten minute routine into your daily skincare ritual will encourage a taut complexion and a noticeable glow.

In Fiore- Lustra Illuminating Cleansing Essence, Blithe – Patting Splash Mask Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey, Oskia – Renaissance Cleansing Gel, Allies of Skin- Molecular Saviour Toner Mist


The 4:2:4 works beneath the surface of the skin to enliven the entire body as there is a connection between areas of the face and systems of the body.

  1. 4-Minutes

    Apply a few drops of cleansing oil to your palms and begin to massage the skin. To aid the detoxification of the skin and carry stale lymph away from the face, you can follow with a light lymphatic drainage massage. Using delicate motions, start by creating a pathway under the jawline, applying light pressure to where your collar bones meet.

  2. Then, move towards your ears and sinuses and finish with circular motions at the forehead and temple. It is a common misconception that sweeping, upward motions work to defy gravity and increase elasticity. In actual fact, this counter application of force has the reverse effect – weakening the skin’s natural resistance and putting increased strain on its fibrous structures.

  3. 2-Minutes

    Without rinsing the oil off, layer on an emulsifying cream cleanser and massage for another two minutes.

  4. 4-Minutes

    Rinse of the oil and cleanser with warm water for the first two minutes. Follow with a cold water wash to stimulate circulation and revitalize and tighten skin. Then, finish by balancing the skin with a water-based toner.

Model-  Taii from Premier Model Management, Hair and Makeup- Nina Robinson.