What does ‘sexy’ look like? German lingerie newcomer Opaak is redefining what it means to be sexy by trading lace and embroidery for graphic contours. With its sensitive take on silhouette and form, this brand breathes new life into lingerie apparel.

Agathe D. Muffert, Founder, Opaak

The Opaak woman is unpredictable and not defined by stereotype.

Inspired by the complexity of the ‘unpredictable’ female, Opaak’s founder Agathe D. Muffet is a woman with a strong vision. Speaking to the Cologne-based designer, we share her views as one of the legions of women who are working to challenge the gaze and push for a more diverse approach to female sexuality.

Not everything about the internet is positive but, I can see a more open approach to women’s sexuality. We finally have platforms to exchange know-how, share more openly and create more self-awareness. Masturbationsexual fulfilment and body consciousness are all subjects that are extremely important for women of all ages.

My main inspiration for collections comes from the women who catch my interest. I’m inspired by intelligence and a strong sense of self. I imagine how these women could combine Opaak with their own style and I remember my conversations with them when I create.

The Opaak woman can’t be described in a stereotype and there’s no need to put your finger on a specific age. She is a woman who conducts her own rhythm and plays with the unknown.


Agathe D. Muffert, Founder, Opaak

It’s designed for a woman who looks for comfort but never at the sacrifice of style.

My lingerie isn’t designed in the traditional way. It is clean cut, graphical, unembellished and pure. It’s for the woman who likes her luxury understated; underwear becomes be outerwear and less can become so much more. It’s designed for a woman who looks for comfort but never at the sacrifice of style.

Personally, I have a quite androgynous style with a feminine twist. I enjoy a minimalist wardrobe with subtle contrast like a strong accent of colour. I love technically worked-out garments and detailing, and enjoy playing with sheer detailing.

There are certain brands that continuously blow me away. Helmut Lang and Jil Sander remain my wardrobe favourites. I love the work of Phoebe Philo at Céline, the technical work at Maison Balenciaga and the pure authenticity at Lemaire. I am also a huge fan of Sophie Buhai’s beautiful jewellery.






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Launched in 2016, Opaak is a Cologne-born lingerie label that blurs the line between traditional lingerie and body-contouring fashion. Using sustainable materials sourced throughout Europe, the brand offers a range of luxury bodywear for the unconventional woman. Opaak’s founder Agathe D. Muffert was born in Poland and studied fashion design at the Design Department Düsseldorf. She then went on to work as a ready-to-wear designer in Stockholm and Amsterdam before finally investing in the vision and product development of her own line.