Presented as a series of weekend programmes, the purpose of this series is to adapt the practices of well-known wellness retreats to suit the urban living space. These guides have been created to counteract the pace of modern living. These full day programmes from the best retreats in the world, encourage new practices of self-care, and inspire our readers to let go and reconnect with themselves. Drawing on the expertise of specialists from international luxury health resorts, this series takes an intelligent approach to health and wellbeing that encompasses spiritual growth and the realignment of the body and the mind. In consultation with Ayurvedic physicians, plant-based chefs and personal trainers, these two-day programs can be practiced as and when the body needs to be revived and restored.









By reducing the distraction of choice, The Ranch Malibu’s immersive approach helps to simplify the path towards health. Providing  a safe space for physical, spiritual and mental growth, their retreat is designed as a sanctuary from the strain of modern living.

REfocus. REset. Transform

After unplugging all digital distractions, they prescribe long hikes in the surrounding Santa Monica mountains, an expressive vegan cuisine and gentle, restorative exercise. In collaboration with the nutrition and wellness professionals at The Ranch, this two-day programme has been curated to help set you up with the practices that will help to keep you feeling vital and well-balanced. This guide includes two days of recipes and an exclusive Vinyasa Flow yoga routine.






7:30 AM

Gentle wake-up with soothing music.

8 AM

Gentle morning stretch

9 AM


10-12.30 PM

Take a walk around your local green spaces or follow a cycle route around the parks and canals in the city. Silent and solitary, this can be viewed as a moving meditation, a chance to reflect on your surroundings and contemplate the experiences of the week.

12.30 PM

Wash face and hands and change into soft, loose clothing.

1 PM


2 PM

Take a short nap or, if you aren’t able to listen to music, meditate or read.

3-6 PM

Low impact strength conditioning through circuit training-based classes. This could include core and ab work, weights, body toning and sculpting or yoga- we have included a Vinyasa Flow routine below.

6 PM

Journaling, reading and relaxation

Recommended- The Coconut Oil Miracle by Dr. Bruce FifeLive Your Ultimate Life: Ancient Wisdom to Harness Success, Health and Happiness by Dr. Mao Shing NiThe China Study by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Thomas M. Campbell II, M.D.Stretching by Bob AndersonThe Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer

7 PM


8.30 PM



Vinyasa Flow Routine



This invigorating and warming flow has been designed to fire the metabolism and assist in detoxifying the body. This sequence may be practiced in the morning or as part of a detox program. By using moves that work with core and pelvic stability, this series of asanas also help to condition and strengthen the body.

The Ranch Malibu

Our plant-based diet is about abundance. By eliminating meat, dairy, artificial sweeteners, gluten, and other processed foods, our plant-based diet gently cleanses the body with whole, nutrient-dense foods. This in turn resets your body and overall health.


The Ranch Malibu is a premier results-oriented fitness and wellness retreat located in California. Set against the rolling mountains of Santa Monica, and three-miles above the Pacific Ocean, this retreat provides the perfect setting to calm the mind and return to nature. The immersive experience at The Ranch is designed to improve overall well-being and health through guided fitness and nutritional programs. Guests can enjoy an invigorating daily schedule of mountain hiking, restorative yoga coupled with informative cooking classes that encourage healthy habits upon departure.


Leggings and Sports Bra- Charli Cohen, Mat- Lululemon, Block- Manduka 

Jaime Tully is a certified London-based yoga teacher offering private classes and public lessons . For more information on her availability and classes, visit her site www.yogawithjaime.com.