In conversation with Mama Medicine’s Luciana Naclerio, we discuss the state of spirituality today and explore how we can cultivate the power within ourselves to create a true sense of change.

What does spirituality really look like? Overridden by a market of expensive healing crystals, tarot cards and acrobatic yoga classes, the true meaning of being in touch with one’s spirit has been lost. Providing a path back to its core, Luciana Naclerio, yoga teacher, Reiki Master and Medicine Reader at renowned New York wellness spot Space by Mama Medicine speaks on the state of spirituality today and reveals practical guide to being your own vessel for change.

luciana Naclerio

The world needs people to be receptive to the energy of spirit, to understand and be compassionate toward themselves and toward others.

TBE: The idea of healing through spirituality is coming to the forefront again. Why do you think that is?

Luciana Naclerio: I think it’s coming back up at this time because the world needs it. The world needs people to be receptive to the energy of spirit, to understand and be compassionate toward themselves and toward others. That is the only way the world is going to heal. There is such a polarity and duality going on right now; between countries, between political figures and between the masculine and feminine. There needs to be more receptivity and more openness to what others think and I believe spirituality is the only way that we are going to find balance again.

TBE: Spirituality is often dismissed as a ‘fad’ as opposed to something that can actually be helpful in people’s lives. Do you think there are a lot of misconceptions about it?

L: A few years ago yoga was the big fad, and now it’s dying down as meditation and spirituality take that forefront. When people practice spiritual work as a ‘fad’ it can really go to their ego. They think ‘I am this spiritual person and I meditate every day at this time and I get up at 4 o’clock in the morning and I do this, this and that’. But, once you have anything to ‘prove’, the practice of spirituality it’s tainted. It’s totally is against being receptive and just letting the lessons come to you. It is putting on a mask, and once you put that mask on, it is really hard for the truth to penetrate.

If you are going to seek spirituality to just listen to yourself and listen to the messages that are coming to you it becomes much more organic and much more grounded. If you’re purifying yourself enough, if you’re quiet enough and if you’re meditating to just receive and listen to what it is that you need to work on or what you need to give to this world, then it becomes a slower process, but it becomes much more integrated with your life.

luciana Naclerio

It’s an ever-evolving practice, so once you feel like something isn’t serving you anymore, try a different technique.

TBE: What would you recommend for someone who wants to take that step into the world of spirituality?

L: I think that meditation is a really good gateway because you’re just quieting yourself. You’re just kinda getting rid of that stimulation that comes through so many channels of our lives. Meditation helps you to clear it out like an inner shower. There are so many different techniques that we can use and YouTube is a way to find the one that works for you at first. It’s an ever-evolving practice, so once you feel like something isn’t serving you anymore, try a different technique. Just let the intention be very quiet and go into the heart.


TBE: Aura reading is one of your central practices, can you tell us a bit more about that?

L: The way that I read auras is very different from Deborah. I think that everyone has their own way of interpreting energy. The way that I do it is that I see movement. I see a dance around people’s energy field. It is very interesting because I’m a dancer and I see the energy in movement, while Deborah is an artist and she sees colours. I see where the energy is on a person’s body and interpret it that way and when I see movement I interpret what that means based on how I feel, so it’s a very inner process for me. I’ve really recognised that whatever people are bringing to me are things that are reflected in myself. So I am so thankful when people show up because it’s also soul healing for me and it’s an opportunity for me to look into myself.

Luciana shares the most common symptoms that her clients seek to resolve and recommends healing spritual practices that can be performed in the comfort of your home.

Low self-worth

Signifiers: Saying ‘I don’t feel ready’ or ‘I don’t feel like I deserve it’.

Remedy: Practice the ‘breath of fire’, a yoga breathing technique that empowers the core and creates awareness of your inner strength. During meditation, imagine a glowing sun in your solar plexus, this will help to develop personal willpower. Make a bath and put sunflowers all over it to inspire confidence.

Inability to stand up for one’s self

Signifiers: Unable to verbalise your feelings and tension around the throat area.

Remedy: Get in touch with your truth and then let it out, pushing yourself to tell people exactly how you feel. Sing to yourself, let your voice flow and build confidence in hearing it out loud. Drink teas regularly to really open up and cleanse the throat area.

Lack of grounding

Signifiers: Saying ‘I can’t focus’ or ‘I don’t feel like I am here’.

Remedy:  Take your shoes off and walk around barefoot in the grass to reconnect with the earth. Reach out to your parents; call your mother and speak to the woman who you came from.


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Through her 5-year apprenticeship with Mama Medicine founder Deborah Hanekamp, Luciana Neclerio became a yoga teacher, Reiki Master and has taught in healing retreats and sacred ceremonies around the world. Now a Medicine Reader at New York-based wellness haven Space by Mama Medicine, she provides clients with a full-sensory ritual for harmony and rapture.