Live the Process is a holistic American-made activewear label focused on performance, comfort and versatility. Founded by Brand Consultant Robyn Berkley, this luxury label and experiential editorial, defines itself by encouraging exercising consciousness at every stage of the wellness journey. After quitting her job as a longterm fashion publicist and retraining as a yoga teacher, Robyn Berkley moved back to New York and launched her brand ‘Live the Process’ in 2013. Speaking to the founder, we discuss the philosophy and creative inspiration behind her experiential label. Her latest collection is currently available at Live The Process and Net-A-Porter.

  1. What does 'Live the Process' mean to you?


    The name and the meaning are one in the same for me. Since my yoga training six years ago, the word ‘process’ has consistently resonated with me. At the end of my training, I was trying to think of a name for this “brand”.

    For me,  Live The Process refers to something universal;  it refers to the constant evolution and journey of one’s life. Everyone is  “Living Their Own Process” and no one is in a better place than another. Change is constant, and we experience multiple periods of evolution in our lives.

    In Yoga, the word ‘Vinyasa’ refers to the process of linking breath and movement. This is representative of life in general. Life is all about opposites and the juxtaposition; a combination of soft and strong, masculine and feminine, yin and yang. It was important for the brand to feel modern and beautiful whilst also embracing a meditative sensibility.

  2. What design features do you focus on and how has your collection evolved for the new season?


    Our designs focus on celebrating the female body. When our wearer puts our pieces on, she feels motivated, inspired, beautiful and feminine.

    From a design point of view, I think good sportswear is defined by fabrication, fit, details, colour palette and comfort. This season, we are more focused on how people want to dress, rather than simply creating this concept of activewear. For me, it’s really about our colour palette over style. We definitely look to nature for inspiration whilst also referencing an urban-modern aesthetic. We carefully choose every colour that we want to feature in the collection for the season, and there is always a reasoning behind our choices. 

  3. Do you have any daily practices that keep you feeling grounded and vital?

    I practice TM (Transcendental Meditation) and I do a Kundalini mixed with Vinyasa Flow to get my body going in the morning. I need to get my blood flowing in those first few hours, it really helps me get motivated and focused and get rid of any tightness in my body.

    As for my favourite workouts, I would have to say yoga at Yoga Shanti or Sky Ting right now and Functional Training with Mattheus my Brazilian Capoeira trainer. I wish I could spend more time doing Pilates at NY Pilates as love Heather Anderson, but my workouts are based around convenience and timing!

  4. What are you reading and listening to right now?

    Right now I am reading ‘The Power Within’ on Holotropic Breathwork, and ‘Catching the Big Fish’, it is a favorite by David Lynch. Growing up,  I always loved the writings of Philip Roth. I love to read and since I review a lot of books on my editorial ‘Live The Process‘. In curating this editorial, I get to learn about so many topics pertaining to life, wellness, spirituality and people’s life stories.

    I’m currently listening to a music playlist created by the sound designer Sebastien Perrin and also loving the sounds of White Sun, which a friend forwarded to me.


  5. Can you speak about a few things you learnt from the creative process ?


    My lessons are continuous ones, and I learn every day.

    I really enjoy a challenge and I never give up, but I have also learned patience. Everything happens at the right time it is meant to happen. It’s just important to be positive and trust in the process. For anyone starting a new creative journey I would say, follow your heart, be determined and manifestation is a real thing.