Celebrate the season of gifting with a selection of gifts for the wellbeing of mind, body and soul this Christmas. This selection of stocking fillers and unique items have been personally curated by the personalities we have featured this year. Hope you enjoy our Holiday Edit!


Michael Pollan, NYT Bestselling Author & Journalist

When I think about fiction, it’s like imagining playing tennis without a net. And the net of fact is very important to me.

Pollan’s Top Shelf

Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll by Zoe Cormier Book Cover

Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll, by Zoe Cormier
Non – Fiction


Michael Pollan “What do we know about the science of sex, the science of drugs, the science of music. Three important human desires that we’re trying to understand. The research is terrific, lots of great little facts about sex and the same with drugs.”

Go, Went, Gone by Jenny Espenbeck book cover

Go, Went, Gone, by Jenny Espenbeck


Michael Pollan “‘Go, Went, Gone’ is by a German writer about the refugee crisis which is chilly but good.”

For The Body

Yazemeenah Rossi, Model

It’s not a question of hair, makeup or clothes. We have to realise that the beauty of it is that we are all different.

Susan Kauffmann Essential Oils

Suzanne Kaufmann

Essential Bath Oils



Yazemeenah Rossi, Model: “Eat organic, natural foods as often as possible. Natural, freshly pressed oils like olive, avocado, nut oils can deliver the benefits of essential oils to the skin. For hair health, try a weekly oil treatment of grapeseed, castor and rosemary.”

Manduka yoga mat

Manduka x eQUA

Yoga Mat



Jessica Gomes, Model “I start the day by stretching every morning. I love Yoga and Pilates and always visit the Tracy Anderson studios when I’m in LA to keep my immune system strong when I’m on the go.”

rose quartz face roller

Rose Quartz Face Roller

Face Roller



Stella Simona, Designer: “It all starts with making sure you take time for yourself. If you don’t sit down to do that, to really unwind, you are going to lose touch with yourself very quickly.” 

slip pink silk eye mask


Eye Mask



Dr  Nerina Ramlakhan, Sleep Expert: “When we get this clean sleep it heals the body mentally, physically and emotionally. We feel well, we feel vital and our minds feel sharp.”

For The Soul

Desiree Pais, Kundalini Expert

When we live our lives for ourselves it keeps us in our power. We are radiant because we are doing what we love rather than sacrificing our lives for someone else.

Inner Compass Tarot Cards

Inner Compass Deck

Self – Guidance Cards



Yulia Kovalena, Founder of Re:Mind Studios: The reason to meditate could be anything, from trying to cope with a little bit of daily anxiety, finding ways to deal with it, to getting to know yourself better, and exploring the purpose of life.”

Gabrielle Bernstein May Cause Miracles Book Cover

May Cause Miracles, Gabrielle Bernstein

Self Help Book



Elena Brower, Yoga Personality: “For my first 40 days in recovery, I’d sit with Gabrielle Bernstein’s book ‘May Cause Miracles’ each morning and create a piece of art. Gabby was quietly in the wings, rooting for me, which definitely helped – as days, then weeks, then months progressed, I could see myself looking happier, feeling younger, more spacious, less constricted. I was getting free.”

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