Courtney Kirby, Founder of Courtney + The Babes

As a child, Australian-based holistic blogger Courtney Kirby grew up collecting small, polished crystals purely for their aesthetic. It wasn’t until a few years ago that she became aware of their healing benefits. ‘I found a beautiful Smokey Quartz point that I used to hold in my hand when I was feeling down or anxious and found it to be very calming’ shares Courtney. ‘I wanted to know more about their positive properties, so I started doing research and buying crystal books. I now own over 30 pieces and know exactly how to use them.’ Alongside her crystal collection, Courtney is also an avid advocate of the use of essential oils in her self-care rituals and shares her knowledge and own range of holistic healing products on her website, Courtney + the Babes.



As our lives continue to become increasingly complicated, Courtney is among a growing group of individuals seeking new ways to find peace in daily life. Seeking to take aspects of their mental and physical health into their own hands, many have aligned themselves with modes of healing first practised over 6,000 years ago. Healing crystals were believed by Ancient Egyptians to have the power of restoring health and have employed by Hindu and Buddhist practitioners in the teaching and learning of chakras. Today, their believed abilities to provide a vital link between the supernatural and physical elements of the body are sought to address emotions such as anxiety, anger and heartbreak.

As these ancient holistic practices make their way back into the mainstream, surely accelerated by their visual appeal on social media, the scientific community has voiced its scepticism. Psychologists conclude that healing crystals work on a placebo-like basis; individuals report experiencing their effects because they expect to. Nonetheless, the positive anecdotes of crystal healing support the belief that these natural stones can have a positive effect on our mental health, making them an effective addition to regular practices of self-care, placebo or not.

Courtney Kirby, Courtney + The Babes

Self-care and being kind to yourself will allow you to flourish in all other aspects of your life.

For those just starting out in the world of crystal healing, Courtney recommends three starter stones: Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz and Black Tourmaline. ‘Clear Quartz is known as the “Master Healer” she explains. ‘It’s great for amplifying positive energy and the energy of the crystals surrounding it. Smokey Quartz is my go-to calm crystal and Black Tourmaline is a protection stone, I’m all about keeping the negative energy away’.

Photography – @courtneyandthebabes

Courtney Kirby, Courtney + The Babes

You won’t know how good it feels to treat yourself with kindness until you try it.



Using the crystals is simple. Start by finding a quiet space where you can meditate while holding the chosen crystal between your hands. Now, set a positive intention for your crystal, for example, you may want it to provide you with calm, clarity or peace. You can say this intention quietly to yourself or speak it out loud. Many recommend working with the crystals daily in order to increase the chance that the intentions you seek will manifest.

In regards to incorporating essential oils into this daily self-care ritual, Courtney recommends switching on a diffuser filled with therapeutic scents. Additionally, she always ends her day with a ‘dark shower’ which means lights off, music and candles on. After the shower, she turns on her diffuser, adding three drops each of lavender, vetiver and bergamot essential oils which help to reduce stress and create a sense of calm.






Courtney Kirby created Courtney + The Babes in 2014 as a blog to promote her love of essential oils. The success of the blog soon led Courtney to begin offering her own homemade essential oil blends which include her best-selling ‘Cleanse’ a crystal, aura and home purifying mist. Combining crystals and certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, Courtney’s products are all made by hand in small batches in her Australian home. Courtney also hosts workshops and regularly shares information on her blog for those wanting to learn more about crystals and oils.