Maria Molland Selby, CEO

Everyone has a right to know what’s going on in their body, and we’re not shy about being the one to lead that discussion.


Shaking up the billion dollar industry, period-proof underwear brand THINX are addressing a topic historically shrouded in taboo- women and their periods. Beginning with their revolutionary innovation of period-proof underwear, THINX have earned their place on the map of modern feminist empowerment. With their slick re-imagining of the menstruating female, the New York based brand boldly eschews traditional thinking of the period to bring our collective understanding of female biology out of the dark-ages, and into the light.

With their innovative line of period-proof cotton briefs to suit all occasions, THINX has liberated women from the days of pads, tampons and other paraphernalia associated with ‘that time of the month’. The period has been stripped down, revised and reclaimed to present women in a position of ownership over their bodies. Unlike brands that have gone before them, education is written into their brand’s philosophy, teaching daughters, sisters and friends how to have a healthy, fuss-free period. In conversation with the brand’s CEO, Maria Molland Selby, we discuss the female body, periods and what it means to be a woman.

Maria Molland Selby, CEO

It’s something every person—with or without a period—should be fully educated on …it’s life!




TBE- Why is it important that your message reaches men and women?


Maria Molland Selby – The subways are full of ads talking about diet pills and breast enhancements and how women can alter their bodies to reach some “ideal,” but we were told we couldn’t talk about menstruation. Nine-year-old girls are getting their periods, and both they and the boys their age should know what’s going on. It’s not some mystery that we have to shroud from men. In fact, it’s something every person (with or without a period) should be fully educated on. It’s life! That’s why it was so important for us to make that campaign a reality.

We don’t want anyone to shy away from these topics, which is why our campaigns talk candidly about periods, and all that comes with them. We got some pushback from advertising authorities that said, “If my nine-year-old son is going to be riding the subway, what’s he going to think?” to which we countered, well, we want him to think about periods and what it means to be a woman

TBE- Why is it important that we support each other in being more open about our bodies?


MMS – At THINX we believe in the power of open, honest conversation, and that means always being inclusive and real. Everyone has a right to know what’s going on in their body, and we’re not shy about being the one to lead that discussion. The more we breakdown these taboos and stigmas, the more empowered people will feel to learn about themselves — body, mind, and beyond. That’s a recipe for more connectivity, more support, and way more understanding.


TBE- How has THINX helped to open up the conversation on menstruation and body positivity?


MMS – Everything we do is centered around our mission to empower everybody, and we do that through the products we create and the stories we tell. Our ads, blogs and products, which serve a real and often misunderstood need, all help create an environment where people with periods, especially women, can feel knowledgeable about and comfortable in their bodies. The response to our mission and vision has been incredible, which further proves the importance of this kind of dialogue. We always consider how to address this taboo topic in an interesting, creative way so that people think differently about periods and the people who have them. Our use of a grapefruit as an analogy for a vagina has been supported by lots of imagery of women in our period-proof underwear, and provocative headlines designed to get people talking.

TBE- How can we have a more comfortable period?


MMS- Studies have shown that exercise helps with cramps and releases endorphins, which can actually make you feel better when on your period. Knowing this, we launched our activewear line—with training shorts, a leotard, and unitard—to help people with periods stay in their flow while on their flow. Marathons, hot yoga sessions, lazy days on the couch trying to convince yourself to hit the gym (hey, that’s a mental workout!), are all good options when trying to ease period pain. We’re not medical experts, but we definitely believe that every woman knows her body best, and should do what makes her feel the most comfortable on her period — from eating a whole cake (been there) to training like Serena.


Scroll for A Guide to Having a Good Period

When we menstruate we typically find that we are low on energy and our connection to our intuition is at its strongest. Over these few days it’s important that we listen to what our body needs and gently support it as it restores. We have drawn up a guide to help you navigate your way towards a comfortable, confident period.


After years of helping women & girls around the world through their ~buy 1, fund 1~ model, team THINX have combined their passions for women’s education, community, and health into a new giveback effort called the THINX Foundation. To read more about the  THINX Global Girls Clubs and learn about how they are providing girls worldwide with safe spaces to learn about their bodies and helping them explore their potential visit

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