In tumultuous times we seek solace in the ancient human technologies such as astrology. With decades of experience and wisdom Saturn Sisters Sherene Vismaya Schostak and Stefanie Iris Weiss offer a steady and informed voice of applied astrology. Advocating down to earth and practical advice they seek to open our consciousness to the power of the stars.

How much do our stars actually influence our lives, and are we really just at the mercy of our stars?

In Vedic astrology, they call the planets grahas, which mean literally they grab you. It’s the idea of being grabbed by an energy. You can feel it when you’re grabbed by a bad mood.  But what’s so important is the level of consciousness that we have. That is really key. Jung has a beautiful quote, ‘until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate you will call fate’. If we are not conscious then we are just kind of always falling into the planetary influence. I really believe in co-creation with your chart, and working with your chart to become more conscious and to unveil what it is you really want.

Sherene Vismaya

Instead of seeing the forces as working against us, work with them to co-create. That’s where astrology’s so helpful.

Could you elaborate on the idea of co-creating with your chart?

This goes back to free will versus fate. I think we have more free will (to the level we’re conscious). You know, if you’re more conscious, you have a better chance of using all the tools available to you to fight. Co-creation is working with the cycle; understanding and doing the self-analysis, reflecting, and becoming more in alignment with the forces around us. Instead of seeing the forces as working against us, work with them to co-create. That’s where astrology’s so helpful. Like if you know for instance, last night was a really really dark moon, you know that you  it’s better to get extra sleep, lay low, don’t push your agenda on a really dark moon, you’re not going to have the energy. Don’t set up big events on a super dark moon because you’re going to want to just be under the covers, so you co-create that way. When the moon’s gets bigger and fuller, then yeah you can get back. Especially if it’s a moon compatible with your chart, get back into the flow and be more out there in the world for instance.

What practices and rituals can you recommend for our readers to keep them engaged and in tune with their subconscious?

I really love journalising rituals in the morning. Ideally some meditation practice. Journaling is really helpful especially with working with your dreams. Writing your dreams down is really ,really powerful and really important.

Sherene Vismaya

It does take some decoding, but once people work with their dreams, you have this dialogue with your unconscious which is so powerful.

Why is that?

Dreams I feel, are the purist oracle you have from your subconscious. To a Jungian analyst, dreams are like gold. I guess for like all psychoanalysts, dreams are the road to the subconscious, so working with your dreams helps you see really what’s going on with you. You could do a tarot reading, you could do an astrology reading, but the purest, direct form of what’s happening comes from your own subconscious, so why wouldn’t’ you want to decode that? It does take some decoding, but once people work with their dreams, you have this dialogue with your unconscious which is so powerful. It’s a pure communication to you.


So by doing the inner work, can we actually influence our stars?

I believe so, and that’s the point. If you do a lot of deep, inner work. We should become so conscious that our chart doesn’t really apply to us anymore. That’s really the goal. And it evolves over time too. Like you know one of the things that I read is what’s called a progress chart, which is really how your chart’s supposed to be evolving anyway it changes all the time. You always want to evolve.

So our main mission is to try and grow out of our chart and to evolve?

Yes, exactly.

So what kind of tips would you give our readers for the new year?

We’re going into a three year, so it’s a manifestation year. It’s a year of the Empress Venus, a strong year of love and creativity. We are also going to have Jupiter in Sagittarius all year so it’s a good year for travel, adventure and just raising your higher consciousness. Also attracting good teachers and mentors. You’ll notice a lot of people maybe want to go back into therapy,  and get into more things that really inspire them, And then we’ve got Saturn still in Capricorn all year, we’re still working on our time management, our integrity, our discipline – all of that is really important.


Best friends Sherene Vismaya Schostak and Stefanie Iris Weiss first bonded over their love of astrology and the divine feminine in the late 90’s when their paths crossed living in Manhattan’s West Village. Schostack, a Jungian analyst and researcher working in the field of mental health and addiction, and Weiss, an author of nine books, columnist and professor of writing, stand out as voices of reason in a field often clouded with inaccuracy.

With years of experience, their latest book “Fate Your Date: Divination for Dating, Mating and Relating” and seminal guide “Surviving Saturn’s Return: Overcoming the Most Tumultuous Time of Your Life” have led countless women through the cosmic awakening of their late 20s. Both fire signs, the duo’s straight talking and spirited wisdom has earned them a legion of followers as well as the position of resident astrologers for the likes of Teen Vogue, Elle UK, Elle Netherlands, and Elle Czech.


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